Raiding schedule


Progression (used to raid stuff needed for progression) and other raid days (for gearing up / backflagging / etc):

  • Sunday 7pm CET
  • Monday 7:30pm CET
  • Tuesday 7:30pm CET
  • Wednesday 7:30pm CET

No official raid days (for RL things / exping / taking it easy / help each other with small epic things or other stuff that needs help from a few groups):

  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

(Disclaimer: officers will also have those days off, so if you want anything done, arrange it yourself).

  • Raids should stop no later than 11pm CET. Most of the time we’ll stop earlier (extra DKP for overtime if we stop later).
  • If we do really bad on any raid, officers can decide to not give any DKP at all.
  1. You must be online and in the raid or overflow chat channel to obtain DKP. Buffs will be called by the Raid Leader.
  2. If you’re late you will arrange buffs by tells and group invite/piggy into zone by tells or through class channels.
  3. No newbish behaviour, know your class and be prepared to watch things and give feedback on encounters we are learning.