Jun 082021

Aaryonar, we hardly knew ya.

After beating everything else, Aaryonar was the final hurdle for dominance of CoV.

Gated behind beating Sontalak (which became even more annoying recently), its a chore to just set up and learn, as you need to clear a couple of dozen trash just to make sure incase of event mechanics.

And as is painfully obvious to players who have interacted with this event, its 10% Dragon, 30% emotes, and 60% Golem(s) for no reason who had nothing to do with historic Temple of Veeshan.

So, how does this event work?

Step A – Fight Aaryonar until it floats around the room with no animation …

Step B – Grolik the Golem wants to play, but insists on his numpty troupe to join in.

Step C – Several auras and detrimental effects come into play, including the comical “pile of shit”.

Step D – Fight the Dragon again, who now just levitates.

Step E – Its a win

And that is pretty much all I want to say about this because I just cut my finger and it’s painful to type.



oh alright then, its another “seemed easy” on the night when we beat it, but it sure isnt, along the same difficulty as pre-nerf defenders, all it takes is a tank to drop, or special raid coordinators to slip up and it goes downhill fast.

Garsty, as Purrfection might say, to everyone concerned who learned this event and adapted on the fly when needed, all without resorting to needing voicechat.

And special garsty for Liingy, who recently joined us as a raid leader.

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