Claws of Veeshan – Vulak the sleeper

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May 192021

In the time measured by flipping a burger, Vulak the Sleeper of CoV earned a dirt nap.

An interesting and quite enjoyable raid in the end, well balanced and I think about the right difficulty for what it was, its no pushover for sure.

This was our second attempt at him on the night, the first failed with him at 1%, but I feel that its not descriptive to dwell on that try, and I’m not going to just write the word “Bollocks” fifty times either, we were still learning the event after all…

The amount of information we had on the event going in, beyond knowledge of the group version is covered on the allakhazam page as seen in its entirety below (complete with spelling mistakes)

And so, beyond that, not much to add other than I guess its only Aaryonar next to unlock the tradeskill icecubes on the raid vendor, at least its current content…

oh aye, before I go, here is a zaph eye view of what I saw most of during the event.

But you have to admire my golem parking skills, someone had to do the job.


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Claws of Veeshan – Defenders

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May 082021

Well hey there folks, welcome back, I guess.

After a extended period of time dedicated to moving the guild banner around the entrance to Sleepers Tomb in Eastern wastes, it came upon us that eventually we had to progress and make effort to beat the event blocking our future.

Many attempts looked like this one second.

Then this shortly after

But after a “few” different approaching perspectives, including Sanae taking the reins to become a raid leader in AOU, we turned the event around and scored a decisive victory.

Overall, one of the harder events in recent memories, that always seem easy on the night you beat it.

After beating the defenders we took a quick late night look at what we were being denied all this time, the Sleepers tomb events.

The first one, “something something golems something” has a lot of hoop jumping, but generally nothing new from a raiding point of view, and we almost beat it first attempt with half a raid.









The event was about as thrilling as the bugged chest of half loot we got from it.

After the pasty eaters, we move onto Vulak sitting where Kerafyrm used to be in the tomb, along with 4 familiar dragons in a similar situation to the warders of old.

It shouldnt be long before we best this, and return to Aaryonar, assuming its bugs are now fixed…

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