Claws of Veeshan Tier 2 part 2 – Dragon sausage

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Mar 062021

Last week we bested Sontalak.

But I have been otherwise engrossed in watching “Ordinary Sausage” on youtube to dedicate time to write a news update.

So anyway here we are with Sontalak, lets sausage !

We discovered the secret to not leashing him, or at least seem to have, its so secret I don’t know what it is.

The event is quite simple, kill the dragon while dealing with dastardly drake adds, and avoiding a rotating aura and avoiding a sentient dragon statue from looking at you. All while being constrained to “Aarys pit” (as in original ToV has a identical looking dragon in this location, but named Aaryonar – more about him later). Move out the pit too much and you win a dragon foot up your backside booting you out the zone.

In all, once the raid force gets used to the moving about, its easier than the crusaders event in skyshrine, its just getting to that stage that is the challenge.

We did get close to beating Sonty a few times, but it had a few mechanics to avoid the usual cheesing, we didn’t try to boot the drakes off the edge into the fire pit, but ive heard its effective, no point learning a strat that is “probably” going to be fixed, lets do it properly.

Unlike the Crusaders where I got myself whacked trying to take screenshots for the news, I was on hand for the win.

– Turning this

Into this

Just Aaryonar, who now resides in Lady Nevederias cave to deal with for Tier 2 (and I regret my knowledge about 20 year old content, as because I announced to the guild where we were heading aka “Lady” Nevs cave, the guild chat descended into talk about dragon genders, including if Aary is male and do they possess a cloaca…)

Learning this so far has been fun, just a bit of a donkey having to clear the zone crap to get from one side of the zone to the other – why couldn’t Aary be in his original spot, and have Sont in the just as useable zone in circular room?.

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