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Oct 132020

Not impossible, just a challenge…

For the past few months, now that even alts don’t want a lot of the loot, AOU has been focused on the raid achievements, some are easy like “No Control” in Great Divide which I don’t even know how to fail, to the more challenging ones such as “Bad Blood” in ToFS 2 that involves a bit of co-ordination and too much over zealous dps can ruin it in seconds.

Last night was the final one for many who had been opportune to catch all the difficult ones we had beaten recently only once.

The dreaded “Bad Luck” had proven to be our nemesis for a few weeks, quite straight forward in theory – do it wrong and survive, of course, in practice it is not forgiving and very raid wiping upon passing the threshold of what constitutes a success of that particular achievement.

Other notable achievements we found to be interesting were –

“Nobody Called” – avoid the crystals aura in kael, failing it more than once due to a bugged corpse mechanic.

“Do not disturb” – avoid the witch aggroing in Velks, failing it due to misunderstood/ignored raid directions and the Golem boss leashing and dropping under the world more than once.

“Indiscriminate Slayer” – kill a bunch of the wrong mobs in ToFS1, due to them healing the “boss” kill them first, well sure if they spawn….

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