TOV T3 Kael 1

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Apr 222020

It took longer than promised, but we finally got Tier 3 of Torment of Velious “unlocked” live

Some say its delay was due to a miscoded timer, others argue it was not fully finished or tuned, however, I have to consider the sacrificial rogues that are used as pyre codpieces to be relevant.

Either way, in conjunction with Darkpaw living up to its predecessor and breaking established content (currently TOFS is “virtually” unwinnable), we have new raids.

The first of these, Derek in Kael, starts with a tiny bit of lore involving an surprise visit by Icecursed Avatar of War killing Derek and leaving you to tidy up after him, and thus answering what the feck Tormax was talking about during the group mission there.

Just a couple of attempts gave us the information we needed to beat it, and once again, we expect the devs to suddenly declare that “blah blah bollocks bullshit” wasnt working as intended, and then ramp up the difficulty in a few months time, continuing the circle of life of a EQ raid.

I still dont understand why they shove the loot chest back to the entry area of the instance when you have to have been a distance away to win, at least its not too far.

Next up what we are working on is the AOW himself, doesnt talk much and isnt the best drinking buddy, but we expect him to share his toys pretty soon.

And speaking of toys, ill just leave this here, calling loot is a job, sometimes easy, and sometimes I just have this face on me

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