Winter is coming ?

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Jan 222020

TOV – Torment of Velious

For years, I was used to TOV meaning Temple of Veeshan, so of course, things have to change.

Darkpaw games – or Daybreak as they were when this came out served us up a frosty treat of rehash Velious, well about half of it…

After getting a preview of some of the higher tier “things to come” raids during beta testing, we left the lower ones alone for something new and fresh when launched,

First up was Eastern Wastes – Griklor the Restless









Pretty much the same as group content but with extra annoyance of kill you if you move 1 second too slow to a npc hidden by geometry.

our first day of trying it out was met with huge xp loss and disbelief on how it would be possible, our second day shat on it like a dodgy curry the night before

Next up, same zone, second verse –  Servant of the Sleeper





Im either missing something, or they forgot to put some mechanics into this, kind of encounter that might have happened 10 years ago with the previous velious reworking

And then, we learned what not to do on a raid in Great Divide- Restless Assault

With a post update, the next day we went back, and cleared the event, Koldan (the first giant) being the only real challenge.









Velious might be old, and this is a revisit to “familiar” content, but its music to my ears, some might even say mellifluous, not to have to dress up as a frog with helicopter jetpack just to trigger a raid

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