Age of Unity is One

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Jul 122019

This week embraces the 1st anniversary of the formation being Age of Unity.





We have reached and surpassed all what we expected and hoped to achieve, with all raids (with one special exception) beaten and farmed to equip a huge turnout of players that built AOU into the guild it is today.

From the stagnation of Raging Fury and D’Pikey guilds stuck on Sathiers tomb last year, which we promptly beat within a week of birth, and onto through the relatively easy to learn, difficult to execute Veeshans Peak events.





Entering the next/current expansion with some choice GM overseen beta testing with force, we experienced tug of war between flagging 100 raiders and progressing in a timely manner.  besting all the Tier 1 events reasonably well.





only posmoke proving a slight hindrance due to broken mechanics and server instability

As some important pen pusher probably said, you cannot please everyone all the time, we moulded the guild to best suit the majority and approach raiding best suited to our situation.

Tier 2 showed to be little problem for us besides general bugs and event changes and permakilled for a while trigger event NPCs





And only Tier 3 with its chalk and cheese events left, one beaten first day we tried it, the other one…. wasnt.






With Meratrash being what it was, insofar as no guild “should” be able to beat it (even though some have) we didnt throw ourselves at the event every day.

Instead, due to the EQ anniversary bonus zone events, the long awaited Gnome Memorial Mountain finally appearing, we pushed our interest towards that before Mera.

Which we beat in good speed, and as seems to be a common theme with the rule of three, the 2nd event was challenging, 1st and 3rd being pretty trivial in comparison.


So, all that remains now, is the Meratras event, which is a work in progress, while it might take us sometime to beat, its what we expect.

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