A lot can happen in a Month

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Aug 062018

Last week, I considered doing a news update to say we were in Veeshans Peak, and learning the first event, and earlier today I told myself win or lose I will post tonight (6th August).

It was only 1 month ago that we created Age of Unity, and the hardest part of raiding now is having too many players, but we are managing.

but onto what happened today with the raid, we won !, and in due course, I need to get out the George Formby Gif

Turned out nice again !


Veeshans Peak – Hoshkar

The easy one of the VP raids, starts with this guy

And we have these people

But, its this guy who matters

An interesting raid with elements of another familiar dragon event , after the monotony of Sathiers Tomb this was quite enjoyable to learn and understand.

Hardly any corpses on show, nicely done


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