Skyfire – End of Empire

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Jan 172018

Skyfire – End of Empire

some days ago

This raid is something close to a nightmare

but as always enchanter team give there all

took us some testing and wipe



but in the end we came out on top

I blaim Gnomes for stealing all my loot pics 

  Is Pikey still a fun place to be ?


Hope Zaph will add some better stuff to this post soon

over and out


Thanks Anlak !

I held off doing the cactus win news, as I thought we might beat Skyfire the next day, we didnt, so I reported Cactus 🙂

of course, just after doing the update, we did beat skyfire, so I delayed news to space them out slightly. (or I might have just been slack)


Gorowyn, Cactus, and Skyfire all beaten now, and on the rotation to do every week.

Skyfire proved to be the toughest of the 3 tier one raids.

Our first win was very clean, even if cheesed a little at the end, thanks to the stupid NPCs who get in the way…

Our second win, was a little messy

But for both wins, the cheese was strong, so strong that Ragbert was interested in the loot.

(I forget who won the thing, but between Ragberts cheese obsession, and Fidden eating 4kg of Brie he found cheap recently, im sure someone can explain why there is a item called “Sarnak Stilton”) .

I tried to get a screenshot of the King at the end, but he died too quick..

So now, we need to kill these all over again several times for Tier two access, in Howling stones, lovely !


~ Zaph the slack

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Ring of Scale – Cactiikii

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Jan 122018

Cactiikii ?, Cactiikiilled it

It took us slightly longer to beat this raid than I expected, four days longer !

We can attribute the time lost to a few things, primary being the time it takes to start the event each time.

We tried so many different ways to speed things up, including

Hailing it repeatedly –

Scare tactics –

Skilling up –

But eventually, Yinla found the only solution, burning it.

Overall, not a difficult raid, just requires a lot of patience and and players not agroing many of the stupid roaming mobs that populate the area and instantly respawn.

Next up, we focus our attention on meteors and sarnaks in skyfire, again.

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Ring of Scale – Gorowyn wyn

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Jan 042018

Since the Cactus raid was unavailable, we had to go somewhere else, that somewhere else being Gorowyn.

The raid, well its pretty much the same as the group version of the event but with more trash.

Despite the raiding force enjoying the xp from killing the bosses more than once, we had to eventually win it for the loot, and it got a bit messy at the end, but a win is a win right?

I can see this raid being pretty much a farm status for a long time to come, seeing as we beat it only after a few tries and without spoilers.

After beating Gorowyn, where else was there to go? –  Skyfire.

The roughest of the group missions this expansion has translated well into raid form, with a lot of mobs and effects going on, including the death zone right behind you…

Khen he tank them all?, he will try !

As I finish this news report, I leave you with a quick animation of how it feels to organise and distribute loot after a new raid win in months and months.


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