Empires of Kunark – Beaten !

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Apr 052017

Its taken us slightly longer than expected, but the win came, and now we know how this silly final event works we can beat it again and again.

Thats right, the hard part of this raid –

Kor-Sha: Assault on Atrebe – Atrebe Sathir

is working out what is going on, and what silly mechanic is the key to progressing each stage of the event.

(it doesnt help that the stupid dragon event is so damn buggy its twice as hard as it is probably intended to be, and needs to be down to access this one)

So, there is Atrebe, hes got the zone, and three raids named after him, so what does he do?

Yep, Atrebe blows music outta his ass at you while the actual raid takes part, it wouldn’t matter if he was there or not really, all this build up and you don’t even get to fight him.

You do however get to taste the rainbow of adds, as is usual for these EoK raids, adds like sprinkles on a cake.

And there is also this guy, he is as much fun as he appears.


Thats all from me for this expansion, harder than usual raids, buggy and over tuned, and I fully expect a EoK II this November with all the fun zones from Kunark that got missed out of this one, like Warsilks Wood and the Crypt of Dalnir, or maybe even Old Sebilis, Karnors Castle and Veeshans Peak !

BTW, we could do with some more healers, I think we broke ours doing these raids.



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