The ancient dragon’s tail twitches

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Mar 192017

Stupid Dragon !

Someone named Yinla moaned about the lack of Dragons in recent raids…

This time we got two, one in Lceanium, and another in Kor-Sha.

True to form to what has been a ongoing trend for this expansion, the raid proved to be a challenge for all the wrong reasons, overcomplicated silly AEs, throw a hundred adds at you, and a roaming death sentence, similar but different almost completely but not entirely just like the Vault, with added Dragon

Thats what the dragon looks like, but my view usually was more like this

it took longer than expected due to these drakes

But we were all satisfied to get a Dragon view like this

It was so late in the day after the win that we didnt even take a look at the last – final event in the zone, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it resembled the next image !

Thats all from Zaph, for today !


Stupid Dragon !

it takes some sacrifice to win it

much love from our beloved raid leader

Lets end this night, the way we always end it

Yes plz!!



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Kor-Sha: Assault on Atrebe – The Kar’Zok

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Mar 092017

Here we are, at the top of the hill of this rollercoaster set of raids from Empires of Kunark.
Lceanium was a lot of nonsense, but learnable and beatable in a fair amount of time,
Chardoks Queen and Vault were both steep learning curves …

Then we get to

Kor-Sha: Assault on Atrebe – The Kar’Zok

If Vault was comparable to Benny Hill and a tacky 70s UK soap opera,
then this monster of an event is a full on Monty Python film !


At one point during learning this raid, I honestly felt like dancing spamalot,
it would have made as much sense.

While we understood the basics early on, getting to grips with the finer points took many tries.

No matter how high our corpses piled up, it was a case of Never give up, never surrender!

Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy!

Next up is this happy looking fella, I expect he will be unhappy pretty quickly

Then after him is the grand finale of the expansion, and we can get back to farm mode !

Anlaks Corner of stupid comments and stuff

Let me start by saying , this is a

but i enjoyed it ( i think )

lots of love in the guild

lets start with a

and a few emotes

and a few teaser

new raids ahead of us

sometimes i wonder how we win  raids ?

ok lets end it here with a






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