Atrebe’s Vault Vanquished !

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Jan 262017

A tale of two Bennys.

After all the hate I gave to the Queen raid, I was quite unprepared for what awaited us afterwards.

Im not sure who thought up this event – Atrebe’s Vault, but im going to assume it was a joint attempt between Benny from Crossroads, and the dearly departed Benny Hill.

It has elements of the bumbling simpleton Benny’s with kill everything before we throw a whole load more rubbish at you, coupled with Comedy Benny’s roaming instant death that serves no purpose other than just to get in the way while you deal with 300 adds.

Of course, if that was it, it wouldn’t be a difficult event.

But wait theres more !

Golems that hug, a Elemental that does 50k AE damage a second (no that really is per second, not a tick) and a whole bunch of other comedy, its undoubtedly the funniest raid ive done in a long time

All it took was my finally getting sick of the guild banner and changing it (there are no bugs in EQ, only features)

From This

To this

Top secret strats included :

Updated Banner apperance, and

Klerick Cleric tanking with Durby the Bard offtanking

Resulted in a nice clean win !

Everything worked Perfectly

Thats all from me 

Anlak news from the warfront

I must agree with Zaph, this raid is pure Benny Hill

It is more stupid than stupid



Soon this raid will be on farm , and we better start prepare for next round


but still room for a smart comments

lets call it a day , and look forward


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Chardok Queen Defeated

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Jan 092017

Sorry Mario, your Queen is in another castle !

First off, let me say, ive been accused of writing news posts that are lacking in humour, there is a reason for this.

Ive been raiding Everquest a lot of years, more than most, and when something like the above photo brings joy then you know there is a problem.

This Queen raid, even her highness facepalms at how bad it is.

Who thought, lets take a classic difficult raid target, and make it harder for todays standards by adding in random emotes, a whole bunch of adds that AE damage, a mechanic that makes them adds change, oh, and a way to fail the event even if you are doing really well but the zone pathing is so buggy it causes leashing or key mobs not to be targetable !

Well its dead now, no doubt beating it every week will get easier, but it sure isnt a easy event.

At least the loot chest is pretty.

So next up, we have this

Hopefully Anlak will be around sometime soon to insert some humour into my hollow shell 🙂

Not much fun to say about that raid

we follow our raid leaders order

as you can see , just another normal raid day


and new raid

and new orders

we always looking for new “bait” Gnomes!!


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First day back to work, Chardok’s Prince Selrach

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Jan 022017

The Prince got Punished

After finally obtaining enough flags to see this event during the Xmas holidays, we returned to proper scheduled raiding on Jan 2nd 2017 with a more than capable raid force

From our initial encounter of the event with a inspection team just after Xmas we learned the basics and knew it wouldn’t take long to beat.


First attempt with the D’Pikey Army proved successful, and the Prince went down like he would have in classic Kunark.

After the Prince’s loot chest was plundered, we took the equally difficult journey across the zone to find the next target.


I was warned this event was all kinds of “Special”, and it proved to be so, however, we have a idea how it ticks, just need to stop its clock and push the Pikey floor show to the next event !


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