Lceanium Beaten

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Nov 222016

Empires of Kunark – And So It Begins !

We were told there are two raids to start this expansion with; a easy one, and a hard one.

So we started obviously with the harder one, and at first, it was a challenge, but a couple of days to learn the event was all it took.

Although I hesitate to say its on the farm list, we need to redo it many times for flagging



After giving a great big dragon a well deserved hug for reminding us what DKP stands for, we rounded off the night, and took a reduced raidforce to look at Droga


Even though it was almost midnight, we came close to beating it on our first attempt !, I guess it really is the easier raid.

Expect to see this rather lackluster event beaten very soon, and added to the rotation

Edit: 1 day later

Yeh we beat the Goblin event as expected, but im not doing another news update for that shitty raid.

Also, I managed to be dead on the win, so your picture for it is “unusual”…



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