The Broken Mirror, All Achievements Done !

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Jun 222016

Strong to the Core


Since “beating” the expansion several months ago, and with nothing more to do other than farm raids until the next expansion,

D’Pikeys like many similar guilds turned their attention towards Achievements.

Many achievements came to us very easy, several you have to work at to not obtain them !

We crossed them off one by one,  until eventually a few weeks ago, we were down to three more difficult targets.

Akkapan Fast – Uncursed! – Strong to the Core

The Mouse and Anashti gave up their achievements after a few attempts, which left one.

Tonight marked the server first winning of the last of these – Strong to the Core.

I was told that it was virtually impossible, but it only took 6 million DPS from our Raidforce.

So eventually, our achievements looked like this

Achlist     vanq


Beating this gave us the final piece of the puzzle to gain a pretty decent augment.


I guess the strong will only get stronger.

And I guess we look forward to doing all the achievements again for the unfortunate guildmembers who missed any.

until next time…



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