Merry Christmas

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Dec 242015

Big surprise.


 we are in flaggin mode atm ,

and found time for a small visit

in FEAR last week.


Flashbacks to old days

b1 b2 b3

lots of loot


l1 l3 l2

l4 l5 l6



New raids and more to come in 2016.

Merry Christmas


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Broken Mirror (4)

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Dec 152015

Anashti Sul , Damsel of Decay.

A few self explaining pictures.


a special thanks to Zaph for taking this nice picture.

and now a few more



and now the teasers.

loot1 loot2 loot3

Pikeys bus keep rolling.


Next to come is a big surprise


OMG, Wabb here. At this rate I will run out of raids to do news updates for. Time to hire a hit man and get rid of that pesky Enchanter. And the big surprise Anlak mentions above is simply that Purrfection will rid herself of the flea infestation. Ok, ok, enough is enough of me. I’m not about as much as I would like just now and it’s likely to get worse in the near term so I will leave things in Anlak’s capable hands at least in the short term. And as he said, the Pikey bus keeps rolling. Choo choo. Hmm. Ok choo choo is not a bus but then again fireballs don’t exist in the real world either. 🙂


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Broken Mirror (3)

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Dec 012015

Wither and Decay


for all you missing “The Gnome” ,he will be back soon enough.


Can´t  show alot pictures from this fight

or my spoiler alarm will go nuts.



lootz1 lootz2


Next to come



Haha nice one Anlak. The GNOME here. Just wanted to pop in and hijack Anlak’s news update to say hi to all. I’m not gone, just got a lot going on in the real world. My news updates will be back SOON. 🙂

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