Ye gads.

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Apr 142015



We can all quit EQ and get lives now.

Many moons ago after beating Arx Mentis raid 4 we moved along like happy children and found this group of degenerates.


After what only seems like years, possibly even a lifetime of utter torture and desperation, most of the guild has now been transformed from clean cut wonderful people into pill pushing, drug addicted alcoholic zombies. In fact, we seem to be keeping the Samaritans single handedly in business. Hehe. Why is this you may ask? Well Arx Mentis 5 has been a tad annoying. Hehe. BTW If you ever believed that Pikeys guild members were clean cut wonderful people you BADLY need to seek psychiatric counselling.

Well, We CAME, We SAw and boy did it kick our ass. It then kicked our ass and kept kicking our ass for weeks. Did I mention that it KICKED out ass. I think Augok is about 8th level now and Purrfection has lost so much EXP she is now a kitten again. Very cute but not much use on a raid. Hmm, was she ever really any use on raids anyway? Ye gads, where did all my DKP go?

Ok, I suppose I better get a bloody move on before someone lets Anlak loose on the news update. Fingers off chanter boy.
This one is MINE, Mine I tell you !!!!!!! OMG Get me the straightjacket please. I think I am going to need it soon.

Ok, so after a small amount of time fighting with this one this is what it all really ended up with in the end.


YAY, a dead Dark Elf. And not a terribly nice one either. Don’t worry Djess and Adroxia, I will ply you both with enough booze later on so you forget this completely. Really, this is NOT the news update you were looking for. But in fairness Lanys was always one to lie down on the job and sleep. Get up and do something for once woman. Hehe.

Of course now we get the obligatory chest picture.


And of course some kitty about to ninja the bloody lot. I keep telling her that being guild leader she really isn’t allowed any loot EVER but she keeps defying me. Bloody cats. 🙂

And of course, now one of the most important bits. This is from Augok, so thank to him for this screenshot. Unfortunately I was late to raid a couple of days ago so my own list is incomplete.


So, there you go. Another expansion down and now the farming begins. Congratulations to all Pikeys at being the 11th guild to beat the expansion and second on Antonius Bayle server. YAY Grats to us.

TTFN from me Wabb. Expect a new news update as soon as something happens. 🙂