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Dec 242014

Just a quick update to say Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year.

And for those of you that don’t celebrate Christmas, happy whatever else you celebrate and a Happy New Year.

Have a great time, stay safe and we shall see you all in the new year.



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Dec 222014

Well, first off. Things have been really hectic and busy in the real world recently. That, with some illness thrown in equates to me forgetting to do the news update for a week. That’s my story and the one I’m sticking to.

Either that, or it’s all Purr’s fault like usual. 🙂

First off we seem to have a piccie of some random Dark Elf.


A few weeks ago we bumped into this likely pair of characters.



I’m still not entirely sure exactly what or who they are. 

All I know is that after a while of us getting our ass kicked, this happened.



It really was an eventuality, just like it always is. Haha

The Pikey bus has been rolling on nicely recently and shall continue to roll on.

After beating up the previous pair of charmers we moved on to the next raid. We got lost, we regrouped and got lost again. Hey, it’s a confusing place. So we all grouped back up and moved to the next raid and you guessed it. We got lost.

EVENTUALLY we all moved on and met up at the next raid. And yay it was the right place this time.

Of course, in all the confusion I sort of Erm, well. Let’s just say there aren’t a huge number of screenies to post for this raid. Hehe. Hey we were all excited at getting to raid 3 in Arx Mentis. Anyway :-


After a bit of this and a bit of that this bloke appeared and kicked our ass good. Is it just me or does this bloke look like he comes from some 1970s gay pride disco? I mean, just check out the clothes man. Maybe in a previous life he was an extra from the movie Saturday Night Fever.

Anyway, after a while and finally last night we kicked his ass good and proper and this happened.


I’m not so sure about this Dark Elf, wizzie combo. They look well dodgy to me.

Well, it’s now only 3 days to go until Christmas so I doubt very much that there will be any major movement in the Everquest world in the meantime,  so I shall leave you all now.

Happy Christmas for anyone that celebrates it and happy <enter holiday name here> to anyone that celebrates something else instead. Happy new year to all as well if I don’t see you all before.

Stay safe, have a great time and I shall see you all in the new year with more mayhem and death and wins for the final raids in TDS.