Well, Here we go

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Nov 122014


First off – A Token Wizzie.



Well, the new expansion has now been out a few weeks. We started raiding last week and beat the first raid YAY. Erm, well ok. It had a bug and we wiped and got the win but a win is a win? Really it is. Honest gov. Ok, maybe not. We came back this week and peeked into the new zone.

We saw this motley crew.


I don’t even know who the bloke on the right is.

After a bit of deliberating, a little fighting, lots and lots of rezzing, thoughts of lost exp we came across this sorry individual.


She looks far too tall to me and by far too serious. She had to be brought down to size and possibly even take a dirt nap.


Someone needs to answer me a serious question. Why is it that whenever one of these appears :-


Adroxia is not far behind. She also seems to carry a set of lockpicks, blowtorch and bolt cutters with her at all times. I am sure these chests actually carry quite a bit more in them but her leet ninja skills are too good for the rest of us.


This person of dubious repute then appeared. Looks a bit dodgy and suspect to me but he did offer us some more carnage and death to contend with. Mainly his carnage and our death. I’m sure we will find more about this guy in later weeks though and maybe even some death and mayhem.

So it seems the new expansion is now in full swing and should be beaten by no earlier than next week. 🙂 Of course, I’m kidding since guilds need at least 2 more weeks to get enough flags to do the next raid. I will bog off for now and should have more updates very soon now.