Call of the Forsaken – The end of an era

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Aug 202014

Well here we go, It seems that Call of the Forsaken is finally done with at last.

We Beat the final 2 raids at last a couple of weeks ago.

First off. Here is a link to all the lovely new Raid Videos. Thanks a lot to Mistfalcon for this.

Pikeys Raid Videos



Purrfection taught us how to wipe a raid in one easy lesson. then she sat down and gloated about it. OMG!!!!!

<eyes the cuddly mouse toy>

First off we visited the brand new zone and raid called Argin-Hiz, and of course we bumped into our

favourite dark elf AGAIN. You wonder how she manages to get about so much. Maybe I should see

about getting her travel budget from Purrfection sometime. Mind you, after the above script I don’t

see that happening anytime in the near future. 🙂


Look up the word RABBLE in the dictionary and this is the picture you will see there. I may have to

supply magnifying glasses to people so they can actually make out what’s here. Hahaha

A short time after this we get the obligatory spam. Hehe, so much good spam. 🙂



Then we moved on and met up with this bloke again. You may recognise him. He’s certainly ugly enough.


And of course shortly after our favourite Dark Elf appeared.

I’m actually surprised how long she lasted since she is only a measly Dark Elf.




And of course also followed by more required Spam. Heh



So, that is the end of yet another Everquest expansion. The 21st expansion should be coming out very soon so hopefully I will have some nice updates for all our Pikey fans very soon now.