Tower of Rot

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Jun 162014

Ok we came…… And…….

That Kyle Bayle bloke is not very nice and really had to be given a right good talking to. On entering his room this is all we saw.


followed by —–


Looks real scary? NOT!!!!!

After weeks of this happening we realised that this was not going to be easy. hahahahah

DEAD Pikeys

Ok, how did Pinky manage to survive? LOL

Well, after a couple of weeks of the above we got right hacked off and Purr’s pet decided enough was enough.

About 10 minutes and after Purr’s pet having serious words with this bloke this happened.


OMG!!! Such partying and happiness. Our bestest ever result so far.

5th guild serverwide to beat this bloke. I don’t normally blow our own trumpets but did you hear me right? FIFTH serverwide to beat this.

And just for some more epeen rights. :-


BTW 5th server wide to beat this raid. Heheh. :p

And a final Grats to Triton for also winning this event last night. 🙂

Tower of Rot

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Jun 122014

Tower of Rot must die…….

Watch This Space