Arrrrrr!!!, Shiver me timbers.

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Jan 272014



Hmm, I’m not sure why I called this post Arrrr!!!, Shiver me timbers but it sounded good at the time. Hehe

Ok COTF Tier 1b went live last week or at least that’s what some people call it. Maybe I could call it. WTF is this crap but that wouldn’t be nice and I would probably be drowned in the guild hall pool if I said that. Hehe.

Firstly, This scared me and I wonder if we should maybe get Haracat locked up for his own protection. Doesn’t he look like he’s given up on his rabies injections here?


Hehe ok, nothing to do with our news but it made me chuckle when I saw it. Now we all logged in and were peckish so when dinner walked in we just had to get the oven fired up.


Ok ok. It has boggled a lot of us how Sony can release new content and have it all beaten within 2-3 hours. I’m not sure exactly what they are playing at but we came on with zero knowledge of the new part of the expansion apart from any information we may have gleamed from other sources.

First off we decided to visit the Ethermere and met up with


This bloke has been a right royal pain in the ass so he medically NEEDED a right good kicking.

And of course a right good kicking was administered. We all love to administer a RIGHT GOOD KICKING.


Hmm WAKEY WAKEY. Ok haha he’s not asleep. He’s dead. Hehehe


OMG Who let that rat into my news update? Sheesh, you just can’t get the staff any more.


Next came a nice visit to the Dead Hills. I’s quite pleasant there this time of year but we were there on a mission and not for sight seeing.

I wasn’t quite expecting us to win this event so quickly and sort of erm. <cough> Missed taking much in the way of screenshots. Hey, we were busy with dying and stuff and well erm. <hides>

Quickly moving on we moved over to Neriak. DARK ELVES. OMG A dead Dark Elf a day makes the doctor go away. Erm, oops. I felt a bit of the old blood lust building up there. Anyway we came up to


It looks a bit eerie in here but what do you really expect for a bunch of Dark Elves. <peers about making sure Adroxia isn’t about bwith a big stick>. Ok our old friend the prince made an appearance.


This guy really upset a lot of people who managed to leave their dark elf disguises at home when we first visited Neriak and gave a lot of us a right good spanking. OUCHIE OUCHIE!!!!!

Well Hahahaha to you prince boy because we got your number good and proper.


It has to be said that Lanys looks cool for a Dark Elf and especially standing over the dead lifeless body of Prince Thingy. 🙂


I know I will never live it down if anyone tells her I said this but Hygie looks pretty cool dressed like that but boy is that the ugliest mount I’ve ever seen. Hah

But obviously a wizard wearing a pair of comedy antlers. I’ve seen it all now. LOL


Ok then now for the exciting bit where I overload everyone with lots and lots of spam. :p

Oops I nearly forgot about Bixie. Haha how could I possibly forget Bixie. OMG I utterly hate that place. I’m sure if I took lots and lots of drugs I could hallucinate something much nicer.


Is it just me or did someone get drunk and then come up with the names of all the mobs in this raid?



And many more. I think you all get all the picture.

And of course 5 minutes later the lamdscape was littered with dead insects. LOL. Sounds so wrong doesn’t it. 🙂








Well, I wish we hadn’t beaten everything quite so quickly but it appears that Everquest is moving in that direction more and more and more now. We shall endeavour to keep the Pikeys bandwagon rolling on and on. I suppose that nowadays we are happy to progress along with everyone else. That said, Tier 2 is still to come so hopefully in a month or 4 we can expect more real content. Maybe some new spells and aa abilities and lots of goodies. Ok I shall let you all go now so TTFN from me and hopefully I will be speaking with you all again really soon.

Here we go again again

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Jan 222014

Well, today is the day. I’m sure it’s the day for something but today is definitely the day. 🙂

New content goes live sometime this afternoon so assuming the game comes back up at a reasonable time we shall be in there rooting about.