OMG Here we go again.

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Oct 142013

Ye gads, we only went and beat 2 raids last night and then we came to visit Neriak tonight.

We met up with this pair of likely chaps but boy they could use some plastic surgery. Mind you I’m not sure even plastic surgery could help this pair much. Even Garot isn’t this ugly and boy is he ugly.



Well a lot of running about and dying and killing and crying from some people and this happened very quickly




That means all 4 raids in the new expansion down and second on server doing it. YAY. YAY and a third YAY.


And of course more of this nonsense but again YAY.



I am now one happy gnome in a very happy guild. hehe.

Ok I know, this isn’t the end of the expansion yet but it’s a fine start for us. BTW did I say YAY yet? 😛

Come back soon for some more lovely news of our uberness. 🙂

And hrmm apparently Garot got the kill shot but there is no proof so no one will ever believe his fantastic claims. Well maybe his mum will believe it but even that I’m not so sure about. Hehe

Holy LAG Batman!!!

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Oct 142013

Well Hrmm, I wasn’t expecting to have to post a new news update QUITE so soon but here goes. 🙂 Firstly, Isn’t this an awful lot of rats?


Hold on a sec. That doesn’t look like rats to me. Looks more like someone is leaving trash lying about again. Either that or Purrfection is sleeping on the job yet again. 🙂

Ok ok maybe this is the rats.


Ok that’s the hilarity out of the way. We came back on last night for some more CoTF raid fun and met this bloke on our travels.


WTF and FFS. Someone PLEASE call this bloke a dentist. Ok don’t bother. He didn’t last long enough for the dentist to do him any good.

He did leave this behind though. :-



So we were in a really good mood after this since it seems we were only about the 9th or 10th guild to actually beat this raid. We then had to go and do something really foolish and stupid. Unfortunately when we got to Bixie Hive the lag monster really laid waste to us. That said, even the lag monster cannot stop our utter uberness. Is there even such a word? Screw that. Even if their isn’t it should be created for us. So we ended up having to fight this bloke PLUS the lag monster at the same time.


Needless to say there is only one winner in this fight. Even lagging us out couldn’t help this bloke stay alive any longer.



Hrmm. Something definitely went slightly wrong there with those screenshots. LOL. I shall need to go home and check them and work out what happened and then maybe fix them but don’t hold your breath on that one.

There is more chance of Garot casting a heal spell. :p

Ok one final thing for now, but this might break a lot of monitors. CHEESE!!!!! hehe

I need to remember to photoshop out that purple Dark Elf next time. 🙂


At the rate things are progressing expect a Neriak win news post VERY soon now.

And p.s. I’m sorry but I just could not resist this but for the first time in a very very very long time we have beaten a raid BEFORE Raging Fury. Ok ok I expect plenty of bombs through my letterbox now but it was well worth it. 🙂

A big congratulations to US !!!!!

Purrfection, Purrfection, wherefore art thou Purrfection

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Oct 092013

Hahah it’s that time again. New expansions’R’us. The expansion was released yesterday and being on the time zone we are on we decided to visit it today for the first time. This guy was waiting for us at the gates.


WTF? How did THAT get there? Hmm. ok. Get into the cook pot RIGHT NOW…….. It’s dinner time.

Ok ok. It wasn’t really her bunnieness but this bloke waiting for us.


And FFS I had barely woken up and then this happened. SPAM INC. hehe


I will sign off just now because I’m in the middle of our raid and I’m really hoping more good news will be appearing very soon. Maybe even in the next hour or so. 🙂