The End is nigh

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Aug 062013

for the current expansion……..

Firstly, If you are interested in raiding and looking for a guild to join, Pikeys is always on the look out for exceptional people. We are currently looking specifically for :- Bards, Rogues, Monks, Berzerkers, Shaman and Clerics, But we will never say no to anyone good. If you are interested then please go to  or you can speak with any recruitment people :-

Yinla, Horgarth, Glymmer, Purrfection  or you can send me a tell to Wabb. Conversely as Yinla just pointed out to me you can also fill in the recruitment application form above.


Ok, who put that corpse there? Someone please come clear it away………


Yikes. And now some random Dark Elf. Mind you a Dark Elf a day does keep the doctor away after all. <ducks all the rotten fruit and garbage> Ok, now for some official expansion stuff. Tier 4 was released a few weeks ago and something like 22 guilds beat the first raid the day it was released. Ye gads. We beat it a couple of days later but then we zoomed onwards and upwards and beat raids 2 and 3 within another few days. There is still some pesky spider that needs to die horribly but that is for another day. Her time will come. 🙂 Ok now for some random eye candy from the Heart of Fear raids. This guy is pretty cool but I’m still not quite sure how many Vah Shir and Dark Elven skulls he can get round his neck. Hahaha


This next bloke is a personal mate of Drucilogs. He has certainly killed it enough times in the group mission. <winks>


This next is a Garot self portrait and I think he managed to capture the likeness brilliantly.


Wooooooooo. Take that sheet off your head Purr FFS. It doesn’t suit you. I will get you a load of catnip and some shoes later on. 🙂


OMG Does this bloke ever actually stay DEAD? I think we must have killed him at least 7 times now. DIE please. :p


And of course, the obligatory spam from the end of Heart of Fear. I am sure my name must be in there somewhere. Hehe


 And finally here we go with a nice piccie of Luclin and her favourite slave. OMG I am so dead. 🙂 


Well that’s it for another Everquest expansion. There are lots of stories and rumours and information about the new Everquest expansion which is due to be released at the end of September. I will post more once I know more about this expansion.