Vulak who?

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Jun 232013

This screeshot kind of speaks for itself. <winks>


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Jun 102013

Hiya all, Wabb here

Well it’s now into June 2013 and we already finished all current EQ expansions and are

currently busy farming T2 and T3 Rain of Fear.

If anyone is currently looking for a guild to join so you can maybe start raiding, or continue

raiding,  or maybe you are a returning EQ player and want to get back into the raiding game

then we may well be for you.

If you are interested in Pikeys then feel free to pm or EMail any guild recruitment officer

or you can also send tells in game to anyone.

Any guild member can point you in the right direction of course.

Currently we are actively looking for the following classed.

Bards (H), Beastlords (M), Berserkers (H), Clerics (H), Monk (M), Necromancer (L)

Paladin (L), Rogue (M), Shaman (L), Warrior (L), Wizard (L)

If you are on the list above and are interested in Pikeys then feel free to contact us.

If you are not on the list but are still interested then still feel free to contact us.

We never generally say no to any good quality candidates.

Gnomes are of course automatically promoted up the list. Muhahahahahahahahaha

And hot to the press :-