Feb 042013

First off, I still think this guy is one of the coolest looking bosses ever in Everquest.

I heard a rumour of some bloke called Vulak. Apparantly he lives in North Temple of Veeshan.


Until tonight I think the current score was about Vulak 23 Pikeys 0 but nothing ever really stays the same for long.

In all honesty I think we were all getting pretty fed up being his dinner repeatedly so had

to meet out some very violent and bloody retribution.

Mind you a lot of dying was had by us as well this night but in the end WHAM!!!!!

And to be quite honest in the end he was piss easy. Erm, quite easy. Ack.

<looks about nervously>

ok he was bloody hard actually. Hehe

Ye gads, i think the achievment spam is actually getting worse with each fight.

Eventually I will post a news update which will consist of

a screenshot of SPAM followed by GLUG!!!!!!

Never to be heard of again.

Anyway, enough of such frivolity and well frivolity. I like that word whatever it means.

Onto Da Loot.

I would now normally say TTFN until the next expansion, or by some miracle something

exciting happening I can post about, BUT there are lots of rumours going about just

now about more ROF content, maybe an extra Tier or 2 or more Tier 2 raids.

I don’t know what Sony have planned and to be frank I don’t think Sony have a clue either.

I know well that’s for another news update.

Anyway once the new stuff that may or may not exists is released I will post something. 🙂