Jan 152013

Well it has been a pretty busy and very successful week so far.

First off I am convinced Purr has started feeding her warder steroids in her milk.

For goodness sake Purr, that’s a bit ridiculous. :p

Ok then, moving on –

 Such a cool pet even if I do say so myself. hehe. Sorry, I simply couldn’t resist that one.

I wonder how many people will get the reference. <winks>

Ok Hmmm. Here we appear to have an Erudite disguised as a frog and riding a Pegassus.

Methinks there is a bit of confusion going on here.

This is really what we had to play with.

I know, what a bloody bunch of rabble. <ducks the rotten fruit> Hehe

Now I know this next item doesn’t really look like much but as they say looks can be deceiving.

1 Minotaur and 1 Brownie doesn’t really seem to constitute much but I don’t think anyone

told them that. Hahaha

Then after a while, a lot of death , major amounts of pain the Brownie got totally splattered and all we had left was

Fortunately the fight this minotaur put up was a tad laughable, maybe on a par with

the fight Garot would put up. hehe

A few minutes later and well you know what  is coming. 🙂

Followed by (is it just me or are the achievments getting bigger and bigger on each event)

OMG Buffer overflow. This news post will self destruct in 5 seconds.

Hmm, for once Adroxia isn’t ninjaing the chest. She must have enough loot for a while now.

Ok now then, once we worked out what the hell we were doing we came up to this.

Now in my old days playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

(Yeah yeah I’m old, get over it :p )

Empty dank corridors with eyes at the end of them well.

They usually end in Mind that, What the fuck is that?

Erm, SPLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we took it careful and absolutely nothing happened. hahahaha

Then we found this bloke hiding round the corner trying to sell sweets to the kids.

That was more than most people could really bare so we had to have a long chat with him.

After this chat he didn’t look so good.

And then things just went from bad to worse.

And of course after the last event I think Adroxia’s loot fetish really

kicked in again because as we are so used to. :p

Hehe cool antlers Adroxia. It’s the Festive Smexy Dark Elf with the little love hearts. 🙂 Makes you all fuzzy inside

Gads I feel a vomit coming on here. :p

Ok ok. It’s been a good night so far and I’m in a good mood. Hohoho and all that nonsense.

Anyway, after doing our best headless chicken impersonation and all running in totally

different directions, most of us running in the wrong directions we managed to

meet up with this bloke for a nice hand of canasta, a good whisky and a chat.

And of course to cut a long story short, he DIED. Hahaha. Ok

We died a lot more than he did but at least even when the score is

Xorbb 10000 Pikeys 1, The 1 counts for something great. 🙂

Then we got the obligatory SPAM all over the sceeen. I hope Sony are going to pay to have

the mess cleared up after all.

This was followed by such an impatient kitty. I need to get her some catnip and if that fails a large gun.

And no, the gun is for me to use on her and not the other way round.

Such silliness.

Ok and finally for all th ose of you that like this sort of thing.

Beware there is a lot of cool eye candy coming, so for those of you

with a nervous disposition I advise you leave the room now. 🙂

Ok I’m afraid that that is all the candy for tonight,

I’m sure there is enough there to satiate anyway.

Ok I shall say TTFN for now but I expect there to be some more good

news for all to peruse very soon.

ROLL on the rest of ROF expansion and more goodies.