Dec 212012

Well after our last little jaunt we decided to have a day or 3 off. I mean wouldn’t everyone

want a break after having to face this?

So we head  headed over to meet up with this bloke and explain a fewthings to him.

He doesn’t really look like much but looks can be very deceiving. After all we’ve all seen Garot.

I’m really surprised they even let this rabble through the front door. They look a BIT dodgy to me and I mean DODGY.

Well on the way there we met up with this

I really wish people would stop leaving trash lying about. 🙂

But anyway, A little bit of this, a little bit of that. All that and then followed by a little undead action

and BLAM!!!!!

Talk about spam or what? Hahahaha.

And the picture of the month is. <drum roll>

I’ve heard of cat in the hat but Iksar in the hat? hah!!

Ok,so onto the good stuff now and boy has there been a lot of good stuff recently. Heh

Ok that’s all for me for now. I think you might well be hearing from a certain froggy very soon. I can’t possibly think of why. Hehehe.

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