Jun 052012

Ok then…………..

First off, I finally realised the scariest sight in Everquest.

He has after all given us a right good kicking over and over and it really was about time we sorted this conflict out.

Tea and cookies anyone?

Now I think the reason why things went so differently last night was due to a lack of


I am so dead. hehe.

But anyway, after this so called quick chat which didn’t seem to be so quick in the end our mate The Triunity took  a turn for the worst.

Ok I admit the second piccie could be pretty much anything but well, it’s him dead, pushing up the daisies etc. etc.

Well. it seems then that that is the end of another Everquest expansion. Expect us to do a lot of farming and stuff for the rest

of the year and we will be back later on with a nice fresh new expansion to beat.

Mr Augok would also like me to point out that we are now Number 11 serverwide guild.

Amf for all of you that missed that. WE ARE NUMBER 11 SERVERWIDE GUILD NOW. hehe

The fact that Augok can even count up to 11 is a damn miracle as well if you ask me.

And as a final thought some eye candy to drool over. 🙂

Yay to the Pikeys, what a great team we have here. 🙂

Expect some little updates every now and again before the newt expansion is released.

And finally a little something for Zaph. Awasome… !!!

And  finally finally, no one can say I don’t do anything for them.

For the laziest flea ridden git in the world. 🙂