May 272012


With raid orders like this

Is it no real surprise that this is what happened next?

/hides from the dark elf

And bugger me, Conjurous spent more DKP

May 082012

Ok so we beat up some bloke called Fumerak last week.

Congratulations go to Warrins on a great job soloing the boss. hehe ok maybe not, he got a little help from the rest of us. Especially us Gnomes 🙂

And of course in the course of this murderisation this happened.

/mourn Purrfection. MEDIC!!!!!

Well ok. I’m sure she will skin me later but the dead pink kitty piccie really is pretty mandatory these days. I will need to have words with Anlak about that one.

Definately not enough dead fleas in his updates. :p

Ok ok, that was all old news and this is a new news update so on to last night.

We came over to Supulcher West and I didn’t even bother trying to run there since I always get seen by some random SI mob and torn a new one.

I bet It’s Purrfection or her sidekick Puss paying off the mobs to hunt me down as payback for the above. Hehe

Ok so we came and met up with this bloke.

I think he is the bane of our lives. We keep kicking his ass and he refuses to die with dignity and bog off.

A bit like Garot really. Muhahahah.

Ok so he lead us on a merry goose chase and we ended up meeting this guy.

Hold on a sec, wasn’t he in the last event?

Hmm yeah ok so I didn’t get much sleep last night. He died in about 2 seconds anyway.

Ok the guy we really met up with was

Ok I admit, not the best or quickest picture in the world but you get the basic idea of it.

One minute he’s lecturing us about leaving his domain alone etc. etc. <snore>

and the next minute we’ve kicked his ass and we have bodily fluids leaking all over the place.

Someone hire a cleaner please.

So much for him.

Ok then for some reason this lot appeared from no where and totally without any kind of invitation.

I was like WTF? sod off you arn’t welcome but they decided to stay and party anyway.

So finally, for those people who are so inclined with some nice eye candy. 🙂

I got the impression that the rangers really quite hated that bow above. LOL. hehe

Anyway, I will bog off for now. Happy days and yay grats us.

Only 1 event left to beat now and I feel we will be there very soon now.

Wabb the magnificently insignificent. 🙂