Apr 192012

Well well well  here i am again,  with great news from the battlefields.

To make a long story short we won CoB under a week ago

Since we are flagged for Sepulcher we took a look.

We found this.
and our reward
insert random Woooot , yaaay etc here.
 some teaseres for all you out there
So since we were here , we decided to check out next raid too
and found
 our precious
now for the teaseres
Spoiler warning !!!!
as request i´m going to tell you all how we do this
we use Gnomes
yea its right we use Gnomes and alot of them
of course DEAD !!
I am afraid we have some very bad news.
The corpse of Anlak was found earlier and it is in a really bad shape.
Currently no one seems to know what happened. /mourn Anlak. !!!
Anlak over and out
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Apr 182012

Well it is that time again obviously.

Of course we have to start with the obligatory dead kitty piccie. 🙂

Thanks to Zaph for noticing the next one. At least I can now blame Zaph for making me post this with a gun to my head. He said he would shoot me if I didn’t post it. Honest gov. <gulps>

Admittedly she might have had a point there………..

But anyway, onto more important stuff now.

City of Bronze has been really kicking our ass for a while now and I’m sure the bosses have all gained a few levels in the time.

A couple of guys who really gained a lot of exp at our expense


Mind you as you can see they are both on 0% health in those pictures so needless to say they both keeled over pretty quickly after that. hehe

Very shortly after they died this happened

Followed very quickly by

Hmm then you get the evidence about Adroxia ninjaing all our loot as usual. 🙂

Some not bad loot was had that night.