Mar 282012

First off, we are currently looking for some shaman to join our ranks.


I wasn’t quite expecting to be writing a new news update quite so soon but we did something great last night. We really kicked ass big time.

Next we have the good looking one. :-

Sorry, couldn’t rsist that one.

Well ok no, That’s not what we were raiding but it’s always nice to get nice death piccies of our illustrious leaders. <giggles>. Ok no DKP for me for about 6 months now, Well worth it. <grins>

Anyway, for the last week or three, we have been working our way into Windsong Sanctuary.

We have been making steady progress but last night everything just seemed to come together.

This bloke

Really wasn’t expecting what happened.

Erm, forgive the fact the above screenie has him at 35% rather than 100%, I wasn’t expecting what happened so didn’t bother taking any screenshots of him at 100%. Well, you get the picture anyway.

After a bit of heeing and hawing and tooing and frowing. i’m not sure any of those words actually exist but what the hell, just call it poetic license. :), We ended up with this.


and then the SPAM appeared as usual but yay us.

And finally the loot, always a crowd pleaser. Congratulations to all the people who won. 🙂

Well that’s it for another News Update. Until next time. Expect a City of Bronze update very soon. 🙂