Welcome, to the Age of Unity

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Jul 092018

We (D’pikey and Raging Fury) hit a brick wall of an awful raid a while ago.

— Sathirs Tomb Two – Drusellas Vault —

This event, regarded in difficulty to be approaching the silly levels not experienced since the days of Gates of Discord has claimed the lives other guilds across the servers, both of our previous guilds had pushed as much as possible, but it was a push too much.

We jointly decided that the best way forward was in unity and while each guild had a rich history in Everquest dating back years and years, you have to adapt to stay ahead of the game in its current situation.

Age of Unity got to know one another on the 8th of July with our first raid being a test run at Sathirs Tomb – Cryptrobbers (That event is so easy now!), then a go at Drusellas Vault.

We knew what to do, we just had to do it.

Then, just one day later, we did it.


The winning attempt just fell into place, players followed directions, everyone listened to emotes.

The dps killed the adds, the tanks grabbed the golems and the healers actually kept most of us alive!

In all the excitement we also got all three achievements, but who really cares !

Coming soon, and I really don’t think it will take long…


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Sathir’s Tomb – Crypt Robbers

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Mar 052018

Adroxia Croft, Tomb Robber

Some days ago, we beat all the T1 raids and have been farming the three events for equipment and flags.

And some years before that, a company in the UK called Waddingtons published a board game called Cluedo.

Daybreak took this unusual idea for a game, added tell lag, and produced an event, guest starring Drusella Sathir as Mr Boddy

Its taken us a week or two learning the mechanics and getting more and more members fully flagged,

Zaph learned something new every attempt.

I dont think there are any other items ingame with as many restrictions on them as these clue pieces, just needs no pet and gnome only…

We had almost won earlier in the day but due to tell lag wrong information was shared and Adroxia exploded everyone, so for the last attempt of the night, I broke out the most advanced D’pikey tech, a prototype as such, to ensure a win.

Powered by a Nuclear Thallium enriched Irn-Bru and a green rechargeable pencil, my back of an envelope was recycled into pivotal use!

With thanks to all involved, specially Mistfalcon as director, and Rekniz as disarmer (when he actually had success and didnt cause a near fatal death)

Deutocia stole the Ancient Sathir Skull to gain a Defense Against the Undead !

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