Claws of Veeshan – New Raids day 1

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Jan 102021

Claws of Veeshan went live last month, and as seeming is now usual, the raids followed later.

We looked at 2 of the 3 raids on Beta, so had an idea of what to expect.

First off due to popular demand (Jarasil saying lets do this one, it sounds easiest), we went to the third raid Zlandicar, and after a false start of leashing the stupid dragon we beat it soundly without much effort.

Took me by surprise with it not needing to be “killed”, just knocking both its heads together down to 3%.

Considering more recent raids of past expansions have been overtuned to the point needing us devise some strategy, it was a welcome event to find doable off the bat, just hope the later raids scale in difficulty.

So onto Tantor – “UNGAWA !”

A slightly more difficult encounter than Zlandicar, mostly do the utterly bizarre pathing taken by the adds during action and leashing effects without defined borders, but still managed (but far from mastered) with a couple of practices.

It was strangely comforting to see normal amounts of loot in the chests, while its nice to have enough equipment to feed your entire roster and all their dirty alt characters, it eats up a lot of time to administer.

To close Raidday prime, after the wooly elefart, we approached Klandicar, something we had little to no knowledge about from Beta, and lets say, we will be returning to him soon.

CoV Raid day 2 = edit

We went back to Klandicar the day after, and found a chest of free loot just waiting for us, so when is the next new raids?

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Achievements TOV

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Oct 132020

Not impossible, just a challenge…

For the past few months, now that even alts don’t want a lot of the loot, AOU has been focused on the raid achievements, some are easy like “No Control” in Great Divide which I don’t even know how to fail, to the more challenging ones such as “Bad Blood” in ToFS 2 that involves a bit of co-ordination and too much over zealous dps can ruin it in seconds.

Last night was the final one for many who had been opportune to catch all the difficult ones we had beaten recently only once.

The dreaded “Bad Luck” had proven to be our nemesis for a few weeks, quite straight forward in theory – do it wrong and survive, of course, in practice it is not forgiving and very raid wiping upon passing the threshold of what constitutes a success of that particular achievement.

Other notable achievements we found to be interesting were –

“Nobody Called” – avoid the crystals aura in kael, failing it more than once due to a bugged corpse mechanic.

“Do not disturb” – avoid the witch aggroing in Velks, failing it due to misunderstood/ignored raid directions and the Golem boss leashing and dropping under the world more than once.

“Indiscriminate Slayer” – kill a bunch of the wrong mobs in ToFS1, due to them healing the “boss” kill them first, well sure if they spawn….

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Torment of Velious Grand Slam

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May 052020

T3 Kael 2 and Velks Lab

I had intended to update the news sooner, as we beat Kael 2 the next day after the last update but I neglected to get any screenshots of worth from the event, and there wasnt much else to say other than “we beat it” really.

Anyway, as we did beat it, our next, and the expansions last raid, is Velks Lab – Seeking the Sorcerer.

So, we Seeked him…

An interesting, and long event which involves Golems, Doges, A Random Dwarf, Testicle Tormentors, Ice Witch, another Golem, and a bunch of Zambies – pretty much all in that order, intermixed with some amusing but tedious sniffing googlies when emotes are failed.

The ending is a strange one too, after killing all that crap, you get to tell santa what you want for Xmas

Overall, as an expansion, it was “ok”, lot of rehash of old but familiar content, could have been more to it – including a damn Lodizal raid,  but hopefully gets followed up and actually explains wtf is going on.

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