Another Month, another raid beaten

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Sep 032018

So, Silverwing and Xygoz, the hardest raid of the expansion,

One of the hardest expansions so far as current

A lot of learning, deaths, PC issues / ragequits, and retirements, all the lovely stuff that goes on with a brutal raid.

The mechanics for this raid are really not nice, not so much jumping through hoops on emotes, more of jump away from dragons before they AE you!.   Can we go back to not needing half the guild to use stupid third party programs to beat raids please (I don’t have a sandy GINA, but I know a man who does)

After collating ideas and strats for how we came about to beat this (You might have to enlarge the image to read super secret stuff)

We all came to the same conclusion about this event.


But finally, the real key to winning was accidentally discovered by Sarryn a few weeks ago, long story short, get stuck in the cat box, and the entire dev notes for the raid are written on a wall there for anyone to read !!



This is

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Kor-Sha: Assault on Atrebe – The Kar’Zok

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Mar 092017

Here we are, at the top of the hill of this rollercoaster set of raids from Empires of Kunark.
Lceanium was a lot of nonsense, but learnable and beatable in a fair amount of time,
Chardoks Queen and Vault were both steep learning curves …

Then we get to

Kor-Sha: Assault on Atrebe – The Kar’Zok

If Vault was comparable to Benny Hill and a tacky 70s UK soap opera,
then this monster of an event is a full on Monty Python film !


At one point during learning this raid, I honestly felt like dancing spamalot,
it would have made as much sense.

While we understood the basics early on, getting to grips with the finer points took many tries.

No matter how high our corpses piled up, it was a case of Never give up, never surrender!

Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy!

Next up is this happy looking fella, I expect he will be unhappy pretty quickly

Then after him is the grand finale of the expansion, and we can get back to farm mode !

Anlaks Corner of stupid comments and stuff

Let me start by saying , this is a

but i enjoyed it ( i think )

lots of love in the guild

lets start with a

and a few emotes

and a few teaser

new raids ahead of us

sometimes i wonder how we win  raids ?

ok lets end it here with a






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news from the warfront ( Arx 4 )

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Jan 212015

D’Pikeys been busy .

And we have absolute no intention to slow down in near future.

The day started as almost every raid day start.



Maybe thats the reason Wabb was not around  this evening ?


A few pics from the area



And after alot of xp down the drain we got our self a win.



And now you all wait for the teaser loot and stuff , sorry to disappoint you all ,

but as newly returned ,  im still a tad rusty and did not get as many pictures as i normally does.

But you can all pray for the Gnome to make a better update on next win.

Though i found a small teaser

that can maybe lure Ouklaol out his cave .


Sorry but i have to jet , before the Gnome finds out im fumbling around his news area  🙂

So that all from me .. over and out


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