Feb 262020

TOV – Till death us do part

The second event in Tower of Frozen Shadow – “Till death us do part” isnt unfortunately anything to do with Alf Garnett as I had hoped, its something to do with the floor 5 bizarre wedding setup.

The Groom (Nosja) sporting his best vampiric cyan along with his beautiful Bride (Daman) emitting an aromatic hue of rotting flesh await the ceremony to unite them under one.

As with most weddings, it has its share of guests, which on first inspection appear to be following usual comedic wedding sport of knocking the crap out of each other,

However, this time, it got some unexpected gate crashing party animals to sort out the mess.

The Doorman bouncer, showing his best stoic form, tries to help us out.

Quite a fun and slightly challenging event which through wordplay on emote debuff managed to misdirect some to doing the opposite of what they should until its explained several times.

Special shoutout to the men of the match. Bodymilk and Pelpa, this picture shows the tanking power of Bodymilk (bottom right) taking on pretty much everything, while the MVP plowed its way through Marnic, then shortly after took a dirt nap and stayed down for a majority of the event while its companions fought off everyone else.

Next up : Tserrina

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