May 272019

RIP Dean – AKA Mistfalcon the Monk.

It is with great sadness and humble respect to have to write this, to report the passing of one of our guildmembers known ingame as Mistfalcon,

He joined our guild Age of Unity with its creation, having previously been in D’pikey – which he had been a part of since 2012.

I had known Dean since 2003 when his monk was named Lighteagle and we had been members of Arch Overseers on the Bristlebane server, at the time one of the strongest guilds serverwide in the game, and after its collapse due to EQ2/WoW launches he was part of the founding members who rebuilt the guild from nothing.







As Everquest progressed over the years I eventually moved servers to Antonius Bayle to find a better populated player base to suit my playtimes, Mistfalcon having a waning interest in playing at the time and loyal to the end with the guild he was part of stayed on Bristlebane, until a chance meeting a few years later as part of Beta testing, he decided to also servermove and join myself and Yinla on Antonius.

Due to the servermove, he had to rename his main character from its original Lighteagle to Mistfalcon, still keeping with the theme he liked.

It wasn’t unusual to see that if he wanted something doing well, he would play other characters at the same time instead of putting people out, with his main alts being a shaman (Kanala), cleric (Frythe) and a ranger (Dheanna)

To the end, Mistfalcon contributed a lot of strategy to learning each and every new event in Everquest, with a similar attitude to a lot of us, to learn the raids and beat them with what we have and not try copy others who had already a working plan.

And in memory of Dean/Mistfalcon, we beat the event yesterday which was the last he had input towards, he will be missed, and on behalf of almost 100 players in Age of Unity, thank you Mistfalcon for your time with us.


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