May 142019

GMM – Dragon in the works aka GRRM Wheres my Dragon.

While we farm the flags and get everyone ready for Tier 3 madness of the last dollop of raids from the current expansion, we have been finding time to look at this BONUS CONTENT GMM event (weeks old pictures follow, as I was benched)

Edit : extra screenshots from Astralwiz !

As learning this has been consistent with current raids we would be lost without our guild fluffer Mizar, and tactic strategist Daze.

Very happy to get this event beaten the day before nerf patch even if I did get benched for the last sodding attempt and win, ill get my tick next week, and maybe even outbid Zzizz on loot from it.

Coming soon, GMM2 and TBL3 – though I dont know which will be first !

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