Apr 032019

Its another balance raid with added hope your tanks can follow emotes while stupid mobs who AE the raid spawn in stupider to navigate towers.

To say we have come close to beating this many times over the past few weeks is a understatement, we knew it was only a matter of time when we wouldn’t get screwed by unfair mob spawning on the support while the main raid deals with everything.

The premise is simple, balance down these two fellas while they randomly want to be moved to different parts of the zone, while frequent adds get in the way, and if you miss fulfilling an emote you get a slap, knock them out of balance by more than 1% you get a bigger slap.

In the last screenshot, you’ll notice Felrynn wearing a bunny hat, its only a rumour, but I think the source of that fancy hat might be closer to home than many people realise.

Im saying nothing, but Sheev does need stress relief somehow, he is a master of the dark arts, and that is a undead bunny.


Thats all T2 down, and while we have flagging to deal with, there is another raid we can learn.

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