Jan 102019

The Rise of Smoke

When we did beta, we looked at a few raids, including this one, and while we didn’t flog our logs over them, we devoted a healthy couple of hours to understand the absolute basics.

The basics taught me that I would hate this raid, and it was grossly over difficult and we would need to be in 6 places at once.

So when we beat the other two T1 raids, leaving this one to last, I had some apprehension about dying 50 times a night learning the event.

What a surprise it is, when its not stupidly impossible, but actually only just a little bit hard, (I would even say this is probably easier than Stratos) and quite winnable when people follow emotes.

So, we have Huey, Dewey, and Louie in their own rooms, with Hong Kong Phooey all alone up his own area.

In the Red corner, weighing in at 2,130 lbs  – Huey “Warm Heart Flickers” Mephit.

In the Blue corner, a slim trim 1,993 lbs – Dewey “Dark Waters Sing” Mephit.

And in the Green Corner, at a hefty 2,662 lbs – Louie “Shadows of Stone” Mephit.

Finally our reigning champion, Supreme Heavyweight at 8,391 lbs King of the Ring, the undefeated until now Phooey “Disappointed Heart’s Torrent” Golem.

Not much else to add, other than once we understood what not to do, the event was beaten very quickly.

Well, as quickly as you can beat a golem with 20 bazillion hps,

So then, a special shoutout to Senate member Sheev for all his love and motivating messages towards Absor, As I don’t have a current ingame screenshot of sheev, but have this – its a older pic sir, but it checks out.

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