Jan 012019

Because I missed the first kill of Reparm, I did a lackluster news report, however, at the insistence of a few guildmembers, armed with screenshots from our 2nd win, I get to write another one.

It all starts with a ton of trash before getting to the “tables” camp backdoor of castle 2, with the Guardian of Doomfire at the archway, classically the trigger for Fennin Ro event in the original Plane of Fire.

Unlike the old version, this guy isnt just a trivial push over, and could quite easy be a stopper for some guilds.

Obviously, if you cannot beat this happy fella, you wont beat anything beyond him either.

However once hes out the way, you get to the real event – General Reparm, his pet froggies, snails and his boner army.

In original PoFire, theres only 1 frog, and hes nothing to do with Fennin’s room, There are ZERO snails there and the inclusion of the boner army is a new one too.

As I like to include “Action shots” as pictures in the news, I made a effort to get at least one or two of each mob, and even though Kardin also tasked himself with also getting screenshots, it came as a surprise to find we both chose a snail as one of our targets at pretty much identical times, so we have a double view occurrence of the dirty animal from both sides !

Quite the fun event with surprises and good mechanics, even if its using old content, a nice raid compared to some of the hoop jumping puzzle solving dollops of crap we sometimes face.

With thanks to Kardin for supplying some screenshots, Felrynn for running the raid, Yinla for main assist, and all the guild for taking part, be it in the field or on the bench.

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