Dec 132018

Here we are, a new expansion – The Burning Lands.

We did a little bit of Beta testing for this, both with and without Developer supervision, and while we didnt push too much on the raiding, we had a idea on what goes on with some events, including the first.

It came as surprise to us that the raid – Stratos – Fight Fire – actually seemed easier live than when we beta tested it.

We gathered, most of us knowing a little of what to expect,

A few waves of adds, with a couple of bosses spawning and getting a seeing to.

And another after the lava guy which just seemed like a large fart

Until, we got to the challenge of the event, as with most raids, its all easy until it isn’t, so just kill him …

which eventually, we did

Special mention goes to Sarryn, who was so pleased to be at the raid

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