Jan 042018

Since the Cactus raid was unavailable, we had to go somewhere else, that somewhere else being Gorowyn.

The raid, well its pretty much the same as the group version of the event but with more trash.

Despite the raiding force enjoying the xp from killing the bosses more than once, we had to eventually win it for the loot, and it got a bit messy at the end, but a win is a win right?

I can see this raid being pretty much a farm status for a long time to come, seeing as we beat it only after a few tries and without spoilers.

After beating Gorowyn, where else was there to go? –  Skyfire.

The roughest of the group missions this expansion has translated well into raid form, with a lot of mobs and effects going on, including the death zone right behind you…

Khen he tank them all?, he will try !

As I finish this news report, I leave you with a quick animation of how it feels to organise and distribute loot after a new raid win in months and months.


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