Mar 092017

Here we are, at the top of the hill of this rollercoaster set of raids from Empires of Kunark.
Lceanium was a lot of nonsense, but learnable and beatable in a fair amount of time,
Chardoks Queen and Vault were both steep learning curves …

Then we get to

Kor-Sha: Assault on Atrebe – The Kar’Zok

If Vault was comparable to Benny Hill and a tacky 70s UK soap opera,
then this monster of an event is a full on Monty Python film !


At one point during learning this raid, I honestly felt like dancing spamalot,
it would have made as much sense.

While we understood the basics early on, getting to grips with the finer points took many tries.

No matter how high our corpses piled up, it was a case of Never give up, never surrender!

Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy!

Next up is this happy looking fella, I expect he will be unhappy pretty quickly

Then after him is the grand finale of the expansion, and we can get back to farm mode !

Anlaks Corner of stupid comments and stuff

Let me start by saying , this is a

but i enjoyed it ( i think )

lots of love in the guild

lets start with a

and a few emotes

and a few teaser

new raids ahead of us

sometimes i wonder how we win  raids ?

ok lets end it here with a






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