Apr 192012

Well well well  here i am again,  with great news from the battlefields.

To make a long story short we won CoB under a week ago

Since we are flagged for Sepulcher we took a look.

We found this.
and our reward
insert random Woooot , yaaay etc here.
 some teaseres for all you out there
So since we were here , we decided to check out next raid too
and found
 our precious
now for the teaseres
Spoiler warning !!!!
as request i´m going to tell you all how we do this
we use Gnomes
yea its right we use Gnomes and alot of them
of course DEAD !!
I am afraid we have some very bad news.
The corpse of Anlak was found earlier and it is in a really bad shape.
Currently no one seems to know what happened. /mourn Anlak. !!!
Anlak over and out
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